Chromebook driver setup

Please download the driver file (Arkscan_Chromebook_Driver.ppd) into a folder outside the 'Download' folder of your Chromebook (see reason below)
*This PPD file is NOT for you to click and run the driver installer, the PPD file is for you to assign to the driver.

Please follow this Youtube video to setup the printer on Chromebook:

You may use this sample label file to test after the driver was installed correctly. This new driver was slightly upgraded, you may see some slightly difference than the above video, and you should be able to figure out how to set it up and print to the printer.

Better Driver Setup
Reason for NOT putting the ppd file inside the 'Download' folder is: since files inside the 'Download' folder are so easy to be cleaned once a while, and the printer needs the existence of the file Arkscan_Chromebook_Driver.ppd to run even after the driver setup successfully, putting the ppd file inside the download is not a good practice.

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