Before a purchasing decision, research and testomonies of the product are key factors. We offer strong, high quality and trustworthy products to our customers. Here are a few customer testimonies in their own words:

The BEST of the *LED* bluetooth scanners
The scanner worked perfectly right out of the box and compared to the mini CT20 it is FANTASTIC. Scans every barcode I've tried instantly. Paired with my android tablet right away. There was no configuring to be done. This requires a MINI vs a MICRO usb... Charging cable included. If you want the barcode scanner to run off phone power you'll just need a regular USB to small USB adapter.

This is the cheapest bluetooth scanner that actually works.

I've scanned several thousand ISBN's and some UPC's, this is the best of the LED barcode scanners. The battery has never shown signs of giving out and I do recharge it every time I use it. Pairing is great with my android devices. Takes about 15-20 seconds to reconnect after it times out (you can change the time out duration).

Should have bought a long time ago
I want to start of by saying I should have bought the Arkscan ES 301 a long time ago. I did extensive research prior to my purchase of this scanner. I compared this scanner to others by Arkscan, no brands, and Scanfob. I found that this scanner for the price was the best value.
Setting up the device was surprisingly easy. I used the booklet that came in the packaging. I use the scanner with my LG g3 Android phone. To hook it up to my phone, I did the following: Scanned the "Disconnect" code, then "SPP" and then the "Wireless" that was on a few pages further in the booket. THAT WAS IT.

Just what I was looking for
Worked right out of the box with many of my scanning programs. In fact, I haven't found one that it doesn't work with. It paired with my Samsung S3 smartphone bluetooth quick and easy by scanning the quickstart card codes. I've used it for a week and it has worked perfectly. Just what I was looking for! I put a small strip of velcro on the back of my phone and one on the back of the scanner for easy handling. Fits perfectly in my hand. Scans all size barcodes from a reasonable distance.

Finally Found the Right One!
This little wireless Bluetooth scanner is less than the size of two fingers and works great. More than what I expected. We had been evaluating barcode scanners to replace our existing laser barcode scanners While our existing scanners are not able to meet our business needs, it took me a while to find out that this is the right barcode scanner that can fulfill our needs after we had evaluated a few similar scanners on the market.

We need to quickly scan event tickets when our customers arrive to an event. There are about 25% of our customers that show up with the ticket’s barcode on a smartphone where the laser scanner is not able to read. Imagine how much time is wasted by manually entering the barcode. There are last minute customers that arrived to the event and are really upset by waiting on the line while the event has already started. This device can read both barcodes on paper as well as on the LCD screen, like iPad, iPhone, Samsung and other smartphones. And the device is so small that the usher can just place it into her pocket while it’s not used; and with the wireless feature, they can walk around at the activity event entrance without worrying about the wire; and a few scanners can work independently at the same time and same location without interfering with each other.

The scanner uses the CMOS visual sensor and two red LED lights, it’s very fast and accurate. More accurate than our laser scanner that we currently deploy in our ticket checking system. There is another reason we like this device, it supports Windows and Mac, as well as IOS and Android which we are using some App for different event tickets.

The product package comes with a little hand strap which can prevent the device from accidentally dropping. I accidentally drop it once on a floor, well, it still worked fine, but don’t recommend dropping it on purpose. I would suggest wearing the hand strap all the time if you use the scanner frequently, especially while your hands are holding other things.

The device has a lot of good features, such as, turning off or on the beep sound while the barcode is reading. In some circumstances, you really want it to be quiet; the double clicks on the device’s button to toggle the scan mode vs. the keyboard mode on iPad/iPhone, it’s also a good feature.

This ES301 is accurate for all reasonable size barcodes, but there is also a downside - the barcode width between 1 and 4 inches works precisely on both paper and LCD screen, anything wider than 4 inches might have a little bit hard time to recognize it, but most of the barcodes in real life is about an inch, that’s not a concern for us at all.

The first time took me a little longer to pair with my device because I didn’t charge the scanner before I started the pairing. Manufacturer suggests an hour of charging time before the pairing process for the first time is necessary. After it’s fully charged which takes about two hours, the device lasts ages. The battery life is really good. I was in a bit of a rush to make it to work without following the exact steps, after I made it worked, and realize every step on the manual is precise and clear, you must follow all the steps, and remember that there is no optional steps in the guide book. If you take that approach, it’s very easy to pair your devices.

Very happy with test result, we are replacing our existing scanners with this device.

It is super compact too so if you are mobile
Very handy little scanner. Got it to work with the Square Register and although it doesn't ring in items continuously as normal scanning of product is done on any other retail POS, it does the job and cuts our time down dramatically when searching for items to ring up on the Square POS. It is super compact too so if you are mobile, then this would be ideal for you.

TENS of THOUSANDS of unique scans later...
I've been using this scanner for about 8 months and have scanned TENS OF THOUSANDS of different bar codes. I use it with my android phone and it is rock solid, reliable and will scans through most dirt and gunk, faded bar codes, weird color combos..

As long as you have 2 millimeters of bar code visible this will scan it with no problem.

I use about 1.2 GB a month of phone data just with bar code queries so I have gotten my money worth out of this product and it has never failed me. I use a Bluetooth earpiece simultaneously to get sales info and pricing and never had any issues. I've also had a Bluetooth keyboard connected at the same time and have had no issues.

The battery has never died on me but I charge it after every usage. I've dropped it and it's gotten banged around but nothing has stopped this thing.

The only setting I have changed was making the power off / timeout from 2 minutes to 20 minutes. Directions are great. This is the cheapest bluetooth scanner that works and I love it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

This scanner works great
I bought this scanner for doing retail arbitrage. I have seen other scanner go for upwards of $300! This scanner seemed affordable and the reviews were good so that is what influenced my purchase.
The pros of this scanner are
- it is very small and fits easily into the palm of my hand
- the scanning ability is pretty decent and it doesn't malfunction
- the battery lasts super long on one charge. I have had it over a month and used it multiple shopping trips. I still haven't charged it a 2nd time.

Overall i would rate this scanner a 5. Despite and drawback that I have mentioned. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a scanner. Retail arbitrage or scanning ticket, whatever you need it for, it works great!

This product was a personal purchase for myself at the normal retail/list price. I am reviewing it solely because I want to share my experience with other potential customers. I have received no compensation for my review nor do I have any relationship with seller or company. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible. ***Happy Shopping***

Mini Pocket Size Scanner works like a charm
My Arkscan ES301 Mini Pocket Size Bluetooth Scanner works perfectly when I'm trying to source books for my business. Easy to use.

They worked great on paper tickets as well as mobile phone tickets
We used these for our Fall concert. They worked great on paper tickets as well as mobile phone tickets. Mobile phone scanning worked best with phone set to brightest lighting. No complaints!

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