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Arkscan 2054A & 2054K are multi-functional thermal printers designed to print shipping labels, product labels, barcode labels and other content labels without refilling ink and toner. These printers can be used to print out UPS, USPS, Fedex, and other shipping labels. Support Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, iPhone/iPad, and Android devices.

Description Notes Date Download
Windows Standard Printer Driver
This is the most universal print driver and supports almost all label printing platforms. EXCEPT for the following:
1. Desktop Software (this is different than going to website to print label)
2. FedEx Ship Manager Desktop Software (this is different than going to website to print label)
3. Endicia┬« DAZzle Desktop Software
4. QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop Software

If you do not use the above software, this is the right driver.
If you do print from any of the above desktop software, download the Zebra compatible driver below.
July 15, 2022 Download Now
Zebra Compatible Driver for Windows
When using the Zebra compatible driver, please choose model 'Zebra LP2844' and one of the available USB ports during the driver installation, usually USB0001 or labeled 4BARCODE; if it doesn't work, try a different USB port ONLY. Dec 4, 2018 Download Now
Mac Printer Driver
Download & run installer file 2054A-mac-install.pkg while the printer is ON and CONNECTED to your Mac's USB port. Apr 2, 2020 Download Now
Chromebook Print Driver
Please download the driver file (Arkscan_Chromebook_Driver.ppd) into a folder outside the 'Download' folder in your Chromebook. For additional help, please watch the Chromebook driver setup video on Youtube. June 12, 2021 Download Now
Android Printer App
You must first activate Developer Mode on your Android device and then download and install the Arkscan_Print Service_1.4.4.apk application.
NOTE: You must download this app onto your Android device, this is not to be used on a computer. Please see our driver page for video instructions.
Apr 2, 2020 Download Now
iPhone/iPad Printer App
On your device, download the 4Barcode app from the Apple App Store.
NOTE: You must download this app onto your iPhone or iPad, this is not to be used on a computer.  Please see our driver page for video instructions.
Aug 24, 2022 Download Now
Ethernet/LAN Printer Setup for Windows
Model 2054A-LAN network printer setup instruction for Windows.  Please see our driver page for video instructions. Apr 15, 2020 Download Now
Configuration Tool for Windows
The printer diagnostic tool helps you to diagnose printer issues.
NOTE: You must unpack the contents of the .zip to run the program properly.
Oct 3, 2017 Download Now
BarTender UltraLite Label Making Software
Label editing software used for label design and printing. Such as designing and printing product labels with unique serial numbers, name tags, and so on. You do NOT use this software to print a shipping label. Oct 3, 2017 Download Now
Driver for Linux
Download the driver installer, grant the downloaded file executable by the following command 'chmod 777 Arkscan_2054A_Linux_Driver' (without single quotes) on a terminal, and then run Arkscan_2054A_Linux_Driver. For additional help, please watch Linux driver setup video on Youtube. June 12, 2021 Download Now
Sample Shipping Label
A 4x6 inch shipping label in PDF is for you to test the printer, download this label and print it to the Arkscan thermal label printer from within your web browser in Adobe PDF reader.  Oct 3, 2017 Download Now
Description Notes Date Download
ES301 Quick Guide User Manual The Quick Guide is a mini version of the barode scanner user manual that comes with the barcode scanner package. July 7, 2016 Download Now

Additional download for ES301:
Description Notes Date Download
Wireless Quick Connection Setup Card One page quick guide for bluetooth pairing, the Quick Guide user manual also has the same content as this.  Nov 20, 2015 download
Bluetooth Connect Android App (Android & Use SPP mode only) For Android 2.3.7 and older, or your Android application doesn't support Direct External Device Connections in SPP mode Nov 20, 2015 nextlink
Bluetooth Connect Setup Instruction (Android & Use SPP mode only) Instruction for setup Bluetooth Connect Android App above; For Android device newer than version 2.3.7 DO NOT use this since HID is supported in newer version of Android. Dec 28, 2014 Download Now
Complete User Manual Full version of the barcode scanner's user manual. It may includes other barcode scanner model's setting content which it might not applied this particular model. Dec 28, 2014 Download Now
Wireless Barcode Scanner Connection Guide More detail on how to pair other devices. Dec 28, 2014 Download Now
Utility Tool 5.04 Utility tool to config barcode scanner. It's NOT recommended for new barcode scanner user. You don't need this tool to operate the barcode scanner. Sept
6, 2017
Download Now
SM3 VCP Driver The driver is for VCP (Virtual COM Protocol), if you don't know what it is, please do NOT install it. 99% of users use the barcode scanner via HID interface, HID works like a keyboard, a scanned barcode's value is input to where the cursor is, and you don't need driver to use the HID interface. Oct
8, 2013
Download Now
Factory Reset Barcodes This pdf document contains the necessary barcodes in order to perform a full factory reset. This would be most helpful for troubleshooting your barcode scanner. Sep 9, 2018 Download Now
Intercharacter Delay Barcodes In some cases, your host device may not pick up all of the characters that were scanned using your barcode scanner. The most common cause for this is because the barcode scanner is sending data faster than the speed in which the host device can read it. To remedy this issue, download the "Intercharacter Delay Barcodes" sheet and our recommended speed is "16mS" to ensure that all of the data properly transfers into to your host device. Click Here for a video guide on how to set your Intercharacter Delay. Nov 14, 2018 Download Now 
Description Notes Date Download
  AS80 Everything
It has everything you need to use the printer, including printer driver, setup tool, SDK, user manual, and others; For up-to-date driver and tools, please download below... Dec 28, 2014 Download Now
AS80 Windows Printer Driver
 Most up-to-date Printer Driver Nov 20, 2015 nextlink
AS80 Configuration Tool
For AS80USW and AS80USE Nov 20, 2015 nextlink
AS80 WIFI Setup Tool
For AS80USW with Quickstart installation steps Nov 20, 2015 nextlink
Description Notes Date Download

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