AS307 Mini Barcode Scanner & Data Collector (Bluetooth + Memory + USB)

Arkscan AS307 pocket barcode scanner is the smallest memory barcode scanner. It can read barcodes off screen and on paper, it saves up to 20,000 scanned data then batch transferring saved data to a master device on demand; it can also read barcode directly to computer device via bluetooth or USB cable.

AS307 is the smallest barcode scanner in the market. In fact it's tiny at L65xW24xH18mm and only 27g (less than one ounce) in weight, bringing industrial-class barcode scanning into a pocket-sized form factor. 

Wireless interface gives you the flexibility of moving around your office or work area without having to worry about if the barcodes are too far from your work station, when most laptops, smart phones and iPad already equipped with wireless adaptors. The compatibility with Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows smartphones, Mac, Windows and tablets in both Bluetooth wireless and USB tethered operations is the reason that leads to AS307 wireless barcode scanner is rapid and wide acceptance.

AS307 mobile barcode scanner is designed as one of the best accessories to accompany with new tablet POS applications. The potential market demands can be encouraged and tremendous sales contributions is expected as well.

AS307 barcode data collector delivers scan rate of 240 scan per second, allowing users to capture barcodes from near contact to as far as 144mm away. AS307 mini pocket barcode scanner delivered fast and accurate scanning performance.

No Bags, no big pockets, no extra boxes, AS307 pocket barcode scanner reduces the carrying problem for the heavy users. For instance, courier men do not need extra big pocket for traditional data terminal; insurance salespeople do not need to carry additional bags when taking orders. The compact design dramatically makes it easy on to go. 

Even without tablets or PC POS, AS307 barcode data collector can easily save more than 20,000 barcodes in the memory. Warehouse manager and delivery man can put down the heavy terminal and even without tablets, and just taking AS307 mobile barcode reader around and they can collect all the barcodes in hand. With an easy setting by scanning barcode commands, the data format of AS307, including time tag, scanner ID, barcode data and others, can be easily customized by users. The flexibility of data format customization completes various applications in particular scenario ever.

Small and Lightweight
MT1197M mini pocket scanner is the smallest wireless memory barcode scanner in its class. It is tiny at L65 x W24 x H18 mm and only 24.6 g in weight, which is ideal to be carried in pocket or purse.

Waterproof Silicone Cover
With silicone cover that comes with the product, the scanner is fully protected and immune to rain drops and dust.

Non-pincode Pairing
MT1197M mobile barcode data collector features SSP (Secure Simple Pairing) that does not need a pincode when pairing with iOS/Android/Windows.

Outstanding Performance
Over 200 scans per second, MT1197M pocket barcode scanner delivered fast and accurate scanning performance, press the button, it scans and it is immediately ready for the next barcode.

Minimal Design
There are only 2 buttons on the scanner which makes it easy to hold and use. Almost no training is required.

2MB Non-volatile Memory
Ideal for batch operation, its 2MB memory is capable of storing up to 20,000 barcodes and ensures the data is retained even when battery loses power.

Vibrating Indicator
Built-in vibrator makes it possible for MT1197M barcode data collector to operate in both completely quiet environment and extremely noisy workplace.

Green LED Illumination
MT1197M barcode pocket scanner is designed with patented green LED illumination that improves low contrast and poor quality barcode readability, with an additional benefit of eye protection for heavy user.

Easy Integration with Host
Simplified wireless pairing connection enables MT1197M mobile data collector to have the compatibility with nowadays popular host devices such as Android and iOS smartphone/tablet.

Optical & Performance
Light Source
525 nm visible green LED
Linear Imager sensor
Scan Rate
240 Scans/Sec
5mil/ 0.127mm
Scan Angle
Print Contrast
Width of Field
102mm (13Mil Code 39)
2MB (20,000 barcodes)
5 Mil Code39: 20 ~ 70mm
10 Mil Code39: 30 ~ 130mm
15 Mil Code39: 45 ~ 180mm
13 Mil UPC/ EAN: 40~130mm
Physical Characteristics
Dimension W27×L68×H15 mm
Weight 27g
Color Black
Material PC
Cable 1.5M (Mini USB Cable)
Trigger Scan Button, iOS Hotkey
Indicator buzzer, LED, Vibrator
Accessories - Handstrap
- Mini USB cable
- Silicon Cover
Operation Voltage 3.7 VDC ± 5%
Working Current < 170mA
Standby Current < 60mA
Power Down Current < 500uA
Battery 3.7V, 400mAh, Lithium Battery
Number of Scan
(per full charge)
5400 scans
(1 scan/ 5 secs, Bluetooth connected)
Radio Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Class2)
Range 33 ft/ 10m (line of sight)
Interface/ Profile SPP (Android, Mac, Windows)
HID (Android, iOS, Windows)
User Environment
Operating Temperature  -0~50°C
Storage Temperature  -20~60°C
Humidity  0%~95%RH (Non-condensing)
Drop Durability 1.8M (w/ Silicone Cover)
Sealing IP44 (w/ Silicone Cover)
Ambient Light 20,000 Lux (Fluorescent Light)
1D Symbologies UPC-A/UPC-E, EAN-8/EAN-13, Industrial 2 of 5, Codabar, Matrix 2 of 5, Code 11, Code 93, Code 32, Code 128, Standard Code 39, Full ASCII Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, China Postal Code, MSI Plessy Code, UK Plessy Code, EAN/UCC 128, Telepen Code, IATA Code, GS1 Databar
EMC CE, FCC part15, Class B, IEC 60601-1-2
ESD Functional after 4KV contact, 8KV Air discharge
Safety RoHS 2.0, WEEE, IEC 62471, IEC 60601-1, TELEC
Description Note Date Download
AS307 Quick Guide User Manual   Dec 28, 2014 Download Now

Additional download for AS307:
Description Notes Date Download
Wireless Quick Connection Setup Card One page quick guide for bluetooth pairing, the Quick Guide user manual also has the same content as this.  Nov 20, 2015 download
Complete User Manual Full version of the barcode scanner's user manual. It may includes other barcode scanner model's setting content which it might not applied this particular model. Dec 28, 2014 Download Now
Wireless Barcode Scanner Connection Guide More detail on how to pair other devices. Dec 28, 2014 Download Now
Utility Tool 5.04 Utility tool to config barcode scanner. It's NOT recommended for new barcode scanner user. You don't need this tool to operate the barcode scanner. Sept
6, 2017
Download Now
SM3 VCP Driver The driver is for VCP (Virtual COM Protocol), if you don't know what it is, please do NOT install it. 99% of users use the barcode scanner via HID interface, HID works like a keyboard, a scanned barcode's value is input to where the cursor is, and you don't need driver to use the HID interface. Oct
8, 2013
Download Now
Factory Reset Barcodes This pdf document contains the necessary barcodes in order to perform a full factory reset. This would be most helpful for troubleshooting your barcode scanner. Sep 9, 2018 Download Now
Intercharacter Delay Barcodes In some cases, your host device may not pick up all of the characters that were scanned using your barcode scanner. The most common cause for this is because the barcode scanner is sending data faster than the speed in which the host device can read it. To remedy this issue, download the "Intercharacter Delay Barcodes" sheet and our recommended speed is "16mS" to ensure that all of the data properly transfers into to your host device. Click Here for a video guide on how to set your Intercharacter Delay. Nov 14, 2018 Download Now 

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