Frequently Asked Questions

Barcode Scanner

1. Does an on-screen keyboard still work the same time when Arkscan barcode scanner is paired with an IOS device?

Yes, you can double-click the scan button to toggle back and forth betwee/n the Arkscan barcode scanner and the on-screen keyboard. Another option is to scan a barcode "ENABLE iOS HOTKEY' and 'DISABLE iOS HOTKEY" to toggle between the Arkscan barcode scanner and the on-screen keyboard.

2. Can I pair Arkscan barcode scanners with more than one device?

Arkscan barcode scanners can memorize only one paired device. If you paired a second device, the first device pairing will be deactivated. Example: You paired you’re iPhone 5S (first device) with the barcode scanner, and two hours later you pair your iPad (second device) with the barcode scanner and you decide to change your mind, and you want to switch back to use the iPhone 5S (first device), you will experience your iPhone 5S (first device) will not work with the barcode scanner which is the expected result. The paired information with iPhone 5S (first device) was overwritten by your iPad (second device). In order to fix this issue, you have to pair your iPhone 5S (first device) again in order to use iPhone 5S. Rule of thumb, use the barcode scanner with one paired device. If you change or switch back to a device, you must always pair the barcode scanner to the device again. 

3. Does Arkscan barcode scanners work with Amazon Seller App and how do you set it up?

Yes, Arkscan barcode scanners work with Amazon Seller App. First you need to pair your device with Arkscan barcode scanner. If you’re using iOS device, pair via Bluetooth connection only. If you’re using Android device, you can pair with a number of options: via Bluetooth connection, AS203 micro USB plug & play autosensing barcode scanner or use the USB barcode scanner with USB female to micro USB male converter.  After you pair your device, open your Amazon Seller App, and tap on the search textbox where there is a watermark label 'Search Amazon to Sell', and then you press the scanner's button to scan your item's barcode. It’s that easy. If you are not sure how to pair your device with the scanner, the package comes with a quick guide, follow the `BT mode -HID' instruction on page 7.

4. How does Arkscan barcode scanners make a beep after each scan? If so, can the beep be turned off?

Yes, Arkscan barcode scanners make a beep after each sound. You can turn the beep on or off. Please follow instruction manual included in your package to turn the beep on or off. Our other models of barcode scanners: AS307, AS307a, ES311, MT7795TA and AS312 has an extra feature that allows our barcode scanners to vibrate after scans.

5. Why are there missing characters (and/or data) when I scan?

In some cases, your host device may not pick up all of the characters that were scanned Using your barcode scanner. The most common cause for this is because the barcode scanner is sending data faster than the speed in which the host device can read it. To remedy this issue, downlload the "Intercharacter Delay Barcodes" sheet and our recommended speed is "16mS". Visit the download page for your barcode scanner and under the download tab, you can find the barcode list for Intercharacter Delay where you can change the speed.

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