10 things you can do to print a better thermal direct label


Here are 10 things that will help the thermal label printing visual quality

Here are 10 things that will help the thermal label printing visual quality:

1. Dithering (you know the best)

2. Darkness 

3. Printing resolution (this printer is 203 DPI), a better resolution can be up to 300 DPI for some printers

4. Printing speed, slow is better.

5. Printing text is better than image

6. Print from raw label printer language is better than print PDF and image through the printer's driver. Raw label printer language includes, EPL, ZPL and so on.

7. Paper, the just made new paper is better; for aging label such as the labels sitting on shelf for 1 year and older.

8. Clean up the print head once a while will really help.

9. Companies' label were made different, try out the different brand's and see which one you like better.

10. Store the thermal direct label in a cool and dry area if you are not going to use it soon. (thermal direct label is sensitive to heat, the label will turn into yellow/brown color after long period of time of exposing to hot temperature)





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