Electronic Shelf Label ( ESL ) Intro

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are digital product labels or tags that display pricing and product information (Price, Inventory & others) in real time by synchronizing Point of Sale (POS) product information wirelessly. Retail stores can be fully optimized in sale activity, profitability, productivity and flexibility. Internationally, retailers are rapidly implementing digital ESL solutions. The most common adopters are supermarket, grocery, liquor, pharmacy, fashion, electronic retailers and any store that changes product prices on a daily or weekly basis will profit from their numerous benefits.

Cost and time EfficienciesAll costs related to paper shelf label are eliminated in store, price and product content can be updated in a few seconds at main headquarters. No paper label printing and installation are needed which means there is no labor and material costs involved in store.

Accuracy & Reliability : No more inaccurate pricing since human error is removed from the equation, prices are always the same between ESL display and POS. No more customer complaints regarding inaccurate price during check out.

Flexibility : Sales strategies can be optimized easily by automating the pricing based on day and time, current inventory level, market value, competitor’s price & perishable stocks, as well as matching online store’s price.

Customer Experiences : Align online and offline stores’ product content, customers can scan QR code to view more detail product information or read the product review; customers can scan product barcode to add item to their wish list or subscribe to a promotion notification for a particular product.

Branding & Marketing : Increase brand loyalty and brand awareness, customer can scan QR code to “LIKE” a product and share in social media.

Reliability : Automates price update, self-monitoring real time operation of ESL, predict failure of ESL device, high security encryption wireless protocol and the battery life lasts for five years or more.

Easy to use : Change prices of product in a few key strokes and price updates immediately on ESL display, remote upgrade firmware, continuous operation even when battery is out and very easy to install.

Flexibility : Automatically change wireless channel to tune up transmission performance, customizable content template for each SKU, support most languages, support different operation system, many different accessories to meet all retail’s needs.

Alibaba's Hema supermarket utilizes our ESL devices to provide the most seamless shopping experience for consumers. Consumers can learn more product detail and information by scanning the barcode on the ESL device. 

Powerpoint presentation for Arkscan's Electronic Shelf Labe (E.S.L) System. 

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