ESL Freezer 2.13 inch Display

Arkscan offers ESL freezer 2.13 inch e-Paper display with LED flashing light that comes in 2-Color content (Black and White). E-paper graphic display allows for best readibility. This device works in -20 degree celsius (-4 degree Fahrenheit) ~ -10 degree celsius (14 degree Fahrenheit) . This device is wireless through an access point and content can be managed through you're Point of Sales system. The content can be presented in different languages. This freezer display is great for ice cream, frozen seafood and frozen meat products at the grocery store. You can mount this display with our accessories such as rail for shelves, clamps and horizontal and vertical fixtures.
Model Name Specification
MF 2.13" DOT-MATRIX E-PAPER  Freezer with LED light
Size(mm*mm*mm) 70*35*14.5
Weight(g) 37
Case Pantone 2905C
Display Dot-matrix E-paper screen, Black/White
Display size(inch) 2.13
LED Flash 3 color LED light
Working Temperature -20℃~ -10℃
Battery Pack Specification 1*702338
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