Access Point

Access Point are required and connects the content to ESL devices via wireless connection. Access Point communication protocol works in frequency range of 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz using 200 proprietary sub-channels. One accesspoint can support ESL area coverage of ~49 feet (~15 meters). Range of communication between accesspoint and ESL devices can vary depending on obstructions such as a wall. Using accesspoint is very efficient and cost effective by not draining batteries of ESL devices.  


Model C09851
System Platform Linux
Ethernet 10/100M, DHCP
Application Protocol TCP/IP, HTTP
RF Communication 2400MHz~2483.5MHz GFSK
500Kbps data-rate
0-17dBm power adjustable
4 antennas, 5dBi omnidirectional
-95dBm sensitivity
Coverage Ø30m in door
Power Supply 12V DC/PoE
Size(mm x mm x mm) 218.2 x 142.1 x 38
Weight(g) 462
Color White

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