FAQ / How to distinguish different barcode scanners' log from a specific scanner if I have more than one memory barcode scanners to capture data and synchronize them to my computer later on?

This is a very particle scenario when you utilize the Memory mode enabled barcode scanners to capture the barcode scanner's values and synchronize the captured values to your computer later on. Here is an example:

A manufacturer wants to give a Memory Mode barcode scanner to each QA person, so that after they finish QA a product, s/he scan a serial number barcode of the product to confirm that particular item is tested. Since there are more than one QA person, let's say 10 QA, and each one is given a barcode scanner; then at the end of the day, the manufacturer wants to have a report to show how many unit of the product was QA-ed by a particular person. The challenging thing is, the barcode scanner doesn't have a way to set an unique ID for each barcode scanner that can be reported on the barcode value captured file. Here is the working around for this scenario:

You can utilize the date format to differentiate each QA's barcode scanner, what you can do, set the current year of each barcode scanner to a different year, and the current date and time should be still your current date and time, such as, the QA1 barcode scanner's year to 2117, the QA2 barcode scanner's year to 2217, and the QA3's to 2317 and so on. Please see the 'SET DATE' for memory mode, which it has instruction how to set the year of the date on the Quick Guide User Manual of the scanner.
So the captured barcode values will be something like this from all three barcode scanners,





Then you need to have some sort of programming to process the data in the following logic, or an Excel can process this easily too, the first 2 digits from left represents the QA which 21=QA1, 22=QA2 & 23=QA3, and the last 2 digit from right represent the actual year. This configuration is safe for 83 years, and you can have up to 100 QA. If you have more than 100 QA in future, you can take the first 3 digits to represent the QA, which you can have up to 1000 QA to use the barcode scanners safely without any issue.


The above solution is applied to all our barcode scanners with 'Memory Mode' feature, such as AS307, AS307A, ES311 and AS312.

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