MCAR13 Laptop Computer Mount Stand Holder for Car Van SUV Truck, Notebook 12 inch to 15.4 inch with Weight up to 10 pounds, 360 degree rotation, Heavy Duty Aluminum

MCAR13 is a heavy duty laptop mount that transform your vehicle into a mobile office. Allows for 360 degree rotation for various viewing angles. The laptop mount can hold different laptop sizes ranging from 12” to 15.4” and weight of up to 10 lbs. The sturdy aluminum telescoping tube can adjust the height of each segment for a total 23 inch to 35 inch extension. This is a great tool designed for police officers, security personnel, delivery drivers and jobs that requires a mobile device in a vehicle.
MCAR13 is a top of the line model for an affordable price. Using your laptop in the car, van, SUV or truck will never be easier or more comfortable after trying this mount. The aluminum tubing with its black and silver finish is sure to integrate neatly into any modern setting. The adjustable height, rotating, and tilting capability ensure there will be an ergonomic solution specifically for you and your passengers. Use this for long road trips, frequent business trips, or day to day drives. 

Ergonomic environments are more comfortable and healthier too. Finding an orientation and angle for your laptop that will suit your needs is proven to reduce neck, back, and even eye strain. Typing at an appropriate height and angle will ease or help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Though pivot points can be spots for weaknesses, this mount comes equipped with heavy duty tightening knobs and clamps. You can feel safe knowing your mount will not sag, tilt, or sway while the vehicle is in motion.

This stand is mounted underneath the seat for an easy storage and sturdy grip. The rotating and telescoping features make it easy to fold and store your mount for quick access. Bring it back up in mere seconds with the quick release mechanisms on the clamps. The sleek black color scheme finishes the die cast aluminum structure. The construction and assembly is easy. Hardware and instructions are included.

Adjustable Sliding Tray
250(L) to 370(L) x 250(W) x 20(H)mm 
Fits 12 to 15.4 inch laptops 
Rotates 360 degrees at the head and base 
Tilts 180 degrees at the head, midway point, and the base 
Telescoping tube 23 to 35 inches 
Ball joint base design 
Load Capacity 10 lbs 
Die Cast aluminum alloy 
Color Black 
All Necessary Hardware Included
  1. Adaptability provides for comfortable, ergonomic, and sage uses. Mount this stand beneath a seat in your car for a stable and versatile laptop tray.
  2. Use the rotate, tilt and telescoping orientation tools to find the perfect ergonomic position for viewing and utilizing your laptop. The tilt feature can pivot the base, head, and midpoint 180 degrees. This is paired with a 360 degree rotation capability on the head and base of the mount for maximum optimal angles. The telescoping tube can adjust the height of each segment for a total 23 inch to 35 inch extension
  3. Each joint is equipped with a quick release know and fastening switch. The telescoping pole and rotating features can be easily loosed for adjustments. The sturdiness of this device is also up to you, increase the strength by tightening the knobs for maximum stability
  4. Change the width and length of your adjustable tray to support your specific laptop. The varying sizes can support any number of laptops which means if you upgrade, have a new passenger, or change laptops our stand can continue to help support you. The sliding tray comes with grips to maintain your laptop stability and ensure a safe mount
  5. This engineered sturdy mount is built for frequent and long term usage. The telescoping height adjustable tube is made from a die cast aluminum alloy for a maximum stability and strength.
Product Dimensions 14.4 x 4.5 x 11.3 inches
Item Weight 3 pounds
Shipping Weight 8.2 pounds
Manufacturer Arkscan
Item model number MCAR13
Manufacturer's Original Price: $229

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