Memory Mode: Using Your Barcode Scanner as a Data Logger

This video guide will walk you through how to use memory mode. With memory mode, you are able to use your barcode scanner as a data logger. Therefore, you would not need to carry a host device with you such as a phone, computer, and/or tablet during your scanning operations. You would scan as normal, then later on, be able to transfer the scanned data to a computer.

You can use this video guide for any of the following barcode scanners:
ES301M, AS300, AS312, AS500, ES311, AS307
Click the link to your Barcode scanner's product page below, then click on the "Download" tab to find the download link for your barcode scanner's user manual.
ES301 - Click Here
ES301M - Click Here
AS300 - Click Here
AS312 - Click Here 
AS500 - Click Here
ES311 - Click Here
AS307 - Click Here

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