How to choose the right labels for 2054A printer

Label guideline for Arkscan Thermal Shipping Label Printers (2054A, 2054K, 2054N, 3044C):

Here are the details:
1. The label must be Thermal Direct paper, and it's NOT Thermal Transfer paper.

2. The back of the paper label must NOT have dark pre-printed logo or text. UPS & FedEx labels have pre-printed on the back of the paper but they are in light color, so they are fine.

3. The Zebra compatible labels in any size work perfectly with the printer and are the recommended choice. Even though most Dymo compatible 4x6" labels will work with the printer, some will not due to having pre-printed images and text on the back of the label. Because of this Dymo compatible labels are not recommended, and Dymo compatible labels with a width of less than 3" will most likely not work.

4. Labels with 'Black Mark' type and 'Continous' type are also supported. For best results, it is recommended to use the 'Gap' between each label type.

5. Printer can print a label with a minimum of 0.75 inches and a maximum of 4. 25 inches in width, a minimum of 0. 375 inches, and maximum of 90 inches in height. Standard shipping labels like UPS, USPS & FedEx labels are usually 4 inches in width and 6 inches in height.

Recommend labels for 4x6" shipping labels:

For product label and FBA SKU label:

Jewelry Label:


How to install rolled label:

Common Issues

1. Don't see the 'Change format' option? You probably are not on the right page yet, or your login to Shopify is not account owner, or you don't have administrator permission to change the label format.

2. Printing incorrect layout (too small, or printing more than one page)? You are probably trying to reprint a previously created 8.5x11" layout label directly to the 4x6" label printer, or you have not changed the format yet. Since you can not print an 8.5x11" format label to a 4x6" label printer, to fix it, you have to PAY a new label to get a correct 4x6" label format AFTER changing to the 4x6" format.

3. An 8.5x11" format label was already created, and it can not be canceled. Can it still be printed to the label printer? Yes, you can print it with an extra step by using Adobe PDF Reader software. See below for detail. 


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