Printing a non-4x6" layout PDF file

First, please verify that your shipping platform, software, or website that you are printing from is setup to generate a 4x6" label. Most platforms are set to 8.5x11" by default and need to be changed. Please visit our platform page which details the steps needs set your platform to 4x6 label -

However, some shipping platforms do not generate a proper label size. (for example) does not offer the option to generate a 4x6 shipping label. Their site will only generate a label for an 8.5x11" sheet of paper. This will still work with your label printer but will require a few extra steps to make it print properly. These steps will also work if you receive a label via email that is formatted for an 8.5x11" sheet of paper.

FAQ 8x11 vs 4x6

Windows & Mac users:
- Save or download the 8.5x11 PDF to your computer
- Utilize Adobe Reader to crop the label to size and print to your 4x6 label
- Adobe Reader is free and can be downloaded at this link:

Please watch the following video for instructions on how to crop your label with Adobe Reader

Chromebook users: Visit to use their free online PDF Cropping Tool. Upload your saved PDF to their website, crop it to the proper size, and then print to your Arkscan printer.

Alternatively, you can print USPS shipping as 4x6 labels by getting a free account with

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